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Arachniodes aristata var 'Variegata'

East Indian Holly Fern

A strikingly beautiful, variegated, evergreen fern with unusual, glossy, open fronds that have an almost plastic sheen to them. A prominent wide streak of yellow runs down the center of each frond. Very architecturally clean lines. Makes an interesting container subject and a colorful indoor potted plant. Also a nice cut green for floral arrangements.
Stock #: 482-001
Zone: 7-10     Height: 12-24''     Part-Shade Full-Shade
$6.99 each

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Until 9/4/2012.

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Arachniodes standishii

Upside-Down Fern

Prominent veins on the top of the frond give the impression you are looking at the bottom. Tall, evergreen and lighter green than many ferns; this makes a specimen for background or naturalizing in a woodland setting.
Stock #: 482-002
Zone: 6-9     Height: 12-36''     Full-Shade
$6.99 each

Ordering Suspended
Until 9/4/2012.

Available: SOLD OUT
Reference Only
Arachniodes davalliaeformis

Shiny Bristle Fern

This fern looks like dark green plastic. Like many new plants, there is no common name and its Latin name may change but it will always be one of the nicer ferns.
Stock #: 482-003
Zone: 6-10     Height: 12-20''     Full-Shade
Reference Library Listing Only
Not Offered for Sale

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