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Blechnum spicant

Deer Fern

Charming evergreen native to the Pacific northwest. Sturdy, narrow dark green fronds that make a decorative addition, particularly in relation to bold stones and boulders. One of the 'Great Plant Picks' for the Pacific NW. Very effective planted with gold foliage companions in the shade garden. Not bothered by pests or disease and very easy to grow.
Stock #: 480-002
Zone: 5-8     Height: 8-20''     Part-Shade Full-Shade Great-Plant-Pick Native Americans
$7.99 each

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Blechnum brasiliense

Fern, Brazilian Tree

For warmer climates, this tree fern forms a small trunk. On some forms, the new fronds emerge a beautiful pinkish-red. For other Tree Ferns we offer see: Dicksonia & Cyathea
Stock #: 480-004
Zone: 9-11     Height: 4-6'     Part-Shade Full-Shade
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Blechnum penna marina

Alpine Water Fern

This is a gorgeous, evergreen, groundcover fern from South America. It slowly spreads by rhizomes to make a weed-smothering mass of vertical 4 to 8 inch fronds in cool, moist soil. Not overly wet, despite its common name. New fronds are often bronzy-pink to orange. Also can be grown as a house plant. Not bothered by pests or disease. If you can find a happy spot for this charmer, it will quickly become one of your favorites. Picture taken at Chase Gardens by Mikey Chance.
Stock #: 480-003
Zone: 7-9     Height: 4-8''     Part-Shade Full-Shade Ground-Cover Great-Plant-Pick
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Not Offered for Sale
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Blechnum serrulatum

Swamp Fern

Medium to large sized fern growing in moist to peat or sandy soils in wet flatwoods, marshes and wet prairies.
Stock #: 480-001
Zone: 7-9     Height: 2'     Full-Sun Part-Shade Bog-Water-Plant
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Not Offered for Sale

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