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Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue'

Blue Fescue

A low-growing, semi-evergreen, clump-forming ornamental grass noted for its finely-textured, silver-blue foliage. Foliage forms a dome-shaped, porcupine-like tuft of erect to arching, needle-like blades radiating upward and outward.
Stock #: 277-001
Zone: 4-8     Height: 8-12''     Full-Sun Part-Shade Low-Water-Req Deer-Resistant
$6.99 each

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Until 9/4/2012.

Available: READY
Festuca 'Golden Toupee'

Fescue, Golden

Beautifully bright evergreen ornamental grass, retaining its foliage all year. It forms a rounded clump of light spiky tufts of fine bright golden foliage. Ideal for rock gardens, contrasting with alpines.
Stock #: 277-002
Zone: 4-8     Height: 8-12''     Full-Sun Low-Water-Req
$6.99 each

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Until 9/4/2012.

Available: SOLD OUT
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Festuca glauca 'Silver Heron'

Blue Fescue

Needle-like, sea blue evergreen blades with some green blades mixed in creates a unique effect. Lovely rounded tufts produce pale beige bloom spikes in summer that lighten its overall look. Beautiful groundcover when massed, or spot into existing planting for more textural and color contrast. Good for coastal landscapes and rock gardens. Greater range in foliage color distinguishes this form.
Stock #: 277-003
Zone: 4     Height: 14-18''     Full-Sun Part-Shade Low-Water-Req Deer-Resistant
Reference Library Listing Only
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