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Fragaria 'Lipstick'

Strawberry, Ornamental

A charming ornamental alpine strawberry with an outstanding rose-red flower that blooms forever from Spring to Fall. Great for weed suppression or erosion control and drought tolerant. Pretty much evergreen for us. Nice tumblers for containers. From the Netherlands, the berries are small but edible. Good for wildlife and has an amazing range of growing zones from 3-9 !!
Stock #: 716-001
Zone: 3-9     Height: 6-8''     Full-Sun Part-Shade Ground-Cover Low-Water-Req
$3.99 each

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Fragaria 'Pink Panda'

Strawberry, Ornamental

A wonderful, colorful groundcover sprinkled with largish, bright pink flowers with yellow centers from spring right on through to November and later in milder climes. Grows fairly fast, but not invasively and the foliage is an attractive bright green. more vigorous evergreen capacity & deeply colored blossoms. It has a weakened smaller fruit, since it gives more of its energy to producing the blooms but still provides some fruit for the birds.
Stock #: 716-p02
Zone: 3-9     Height: 6-8''     Full-Sun Part-Shade Ground-Cover Low-Water-Req
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