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Pleioblastus pygmaeus

Bamboo, Dwarf

Pygmy bamboo is one of the smallest bamboos, and its leaves are also very small. It is one of the best of the dwarf bamboos for use as a bonsai. This variety has minute hairs, noticeable only upon very close inspection, on the leaf sheaths and also on the leaves. Vigorous, spreading underground rhizomes produce upright woody stems with grassy-green culms. Great in Asian landscapes or as a large informal hedge. Growing inside a barrier or container is recommended. Commonly used as a groundcover in Japanese gardens, often clipped to a height of only a few inches.
Stock #: 004-003
Zone: 6-10     Height: 18-24''     Full-Sun Part-Shade Cut-Flower Deer-Resistant
$7.99 each

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Pleioblastus fortunei

Bamboo, Dwarf Whitestripe

Formerly: Pleioblastus variegatus Fabulous variegated bamboo in cream & green. Use as a vigorous-spreading groundcover. Growing to an average height of 2.5 feet, this plant has bold white-on-green variegated leaves. Can be kept short by mowing or clipping back the foliage to ground level in the spring before the plant sends up new shoots. It grows best in full to part shade but can tolerate moderate direct sun. One of the most popular groundcover bamboos. A spreading variety, use with a barrier.
Stock #: 004-001
Zone: 7-10     Height: 2-3'     Full-Sun Part-Shade Deer-Resistant
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Pleioblastus pervariabilis


This bamboo grows 20 to 35 feet tall with a culm diameter of 2 inches.
Stock #: 004-002
Zone: 9-11     Height: 25-35'     Full-Sun Part-Shade Cut-Flower Deer-Resistant
Reference Library Listing Only
Not Offered for Sale

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