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Polygonatum biflorum var. commutatum

Solomon's Seal, Great

Absolutely fabulous architectural giant with majestic arcs lined with lovely pearl drop flowers. Same basic form as the regular Solomon's Seal but grows up to 5-6' tall ! The greenish flowers are 3/4 inches long and hang from the stems in late spring followed by a very colorful display of berries in autumn. Slow growing and long-lived, may take 5 years to reach full size BUT can spread underground with ease. A very unusual bold and beautiful woodland garden addition.
Stock #: 356-003
Zone: 3-10     Height: 4-6'     Part-Shade Full-Shade Deer-Resistant Fragrant
$7.99 each

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Polygonatum humile

Solomon's Seal, Dwarf

This charming shade-loving woodland groundcover is a native to the alpine regions of Hokkaido, Japan, where it is called Himeizui, the 'Princess of Far Winding Roads'. This is a very easy-to-grow dwarf Solomon's seal that will slowly march through those dark, boring areas spreading oodles of OMG wherever it goes, and an established clump is surprisingly drought hardy too. This extremely petite version of its tall, drama-queen cousin has clusters of diminutive stalks layered up with small crisp leaves. In spring, the stalks hang full of dainty, white bell-like flowers. Absolutely a must-have for any woodland garden. Prefers medium to deep shade.
Stock #: 356-005
Zone: 4-9     Height: 6-12''     Part-Shade Full-Shade Deer-Resistant
$6.99 each

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Polygonatum multiflorum 'Variegatum'

Solomon's Seal, Variegated

Fragrant white flowers hang from the stems in late spring followed by blue-black berries in autumn. These graceful, long arching stems add an exotic touch to the shade garden with green leaves are edged with creamy-white margins. Excellent for cutting. Beautiful in the woodland garden. Plants are a little slow to establish, but clumps are long-lived and carefree. Variegation becomes more pronounced as plant grows larger and not always apparent when young.
Stock #: 356-002
Zone: 4-9     Height: 23-27''     Part-Shade Full-Shade Deer-Resistant Fragrant Great-Plant-Pick
$7.99 each

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Until 9/4/2012.

Available: READY
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Polygonatum multiflorum

Solomon's Seal

Elegant, ivory, pendulous flowers hang in 4-5 flowered clusters on tall gracefully arching stems of green foliage. Will spread over time to form a nice colony. A must for any woodland garden. Numerous external medicinal uses.
Stock #: 356-004
Zone: 4-10     Height: 2-3'     Part-Shade Full-Shade Deer-Resistant Fragrant
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