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Decaisnea fargesii

Blue Bean Shrub

This small multi-trunked tree is a remarkable conversation piece in any garden The mid-spring hanging panicles of sparse bright green-yellow petal less flowers produce long, fat been-pods that turn dull, metallic blue in the autumn. This is a beautiful plant in its own right and with the bazaar fruit as a bonus, definitely worthwhile. Also known by the more ghoulish name of 'Dead Man's Fingers'
Stock #: 870-001
Zone: 6-9     Height: 15'     Full-Sun Part-Shade
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Erythrina herbacea

Coral Bean

A highly distinctive shrub with arrowhead-shaped leaves and striking spikes of large red tubular flowers that are very attractive to hummingbirds. Flowers are followed by large bean pods that split open to reveal bright coral colored beans. Heights vary from 3' to up to 20' in areas where the stems are not frozen back in winter. AKA: Cherokee Bean, Cardinal-spear, Coral tree
Stock #: 878-001
Zone: 8-10     Height: 3-15'     Full-Sun Butterfly-Hummingbird
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Lemmaphyllum microphyllum

Bean Fern, Japanese

This rare and unusual fern will grow in soil, in moss, in pots, on old trees, or on rocks. It is a great fern for mounting on wood with miniature orchids or bromeliads. Keep out of direct sun. Can be grown indoors. Will slowly creep across the ground or up anything you plant it near. Very different! AKA: Green Penny Fern
Stock #: 748-001
Zone: 8-9     Height: 1''     Part-Shade Full-Shade
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Not Offered for Sale

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