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Lindernia grandiflora

Blue Moneywort

Blue and white flowers contrast brightly against dark green heart-shaped foliage which creeping along the ground. Cute little white-centered blue flowers bloom from spring through summer. Prefers moist soils or even shallow water and can cover quickly.
Stock #: 585-001
Zone: 6-10     Height: 1''     Full-Sun Part-Shade Bog-Water-Plant Ground-Cover
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Not Offered for Sale
Reference Only
Lunaria annua

Money Plant

Popular in dried arrangements the 'Money Plant' may live for 3 years even though it is technically biennial. Happily self seeds. The flowers are reddish violet. Grows easily in shade or sun and any moist garden soil. Hang the cut stems upside down to dry then the green outer covering peels off to reveal the silvery translucent 'silver dollars.'
Stock #: 472-001
Zone: 4-8     Height: 2'     Full-Sun Part-Shade Cut-Flower
Reference Library Listing Only
Not Offered for Sale

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